Professional Music Management

Guiding Artistic Careers

Dac Harmony Grove is a music entertainment and marketing firm comprised of two core businesses :

Recorded music and music publishing. working with artists from Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Memphis, Nashville, and Virginia Beach. D.H.G. is committed to providing fans and musicians alike with optimal music experiences. We work with artists to increase their visibility and appeal while providing fans with the tools to find artists and music events according to their preferences.


Marketing Your Masterpiece

Push Your Music with Less Hassle

Dac Harmony Grove knows all the tricks to turning an unknown artist into a hit. Our tools for promoting your music include:

  • Market Research- D.H.G. has years of experience making music of every genre, and knows how to appeal to every audience. Our team will determine which audiences are most likely to appreciate your style of music, and will help you tailor your music and advertising to those audiences.
  • Video Production- The D.H.G.  team specializes in story boarding, stage and sound design, direction, and editing. We’ll work with you to design a video that appeals to mass audiences while staying true to your artistic vision.
  • Concert Consultation- When you’re ready to perform live, D.H.G. expert advisers will help you do it right. We’ll help select optimal venues, negotiate with venue owners, determine ticket prices, and promote your performance. We’re committed to maximizing concert turnout and revenues while minimizing costs.


Fan Support

Helping Listeners Find Their Artists

Dying for some new tunes? Dac Harmony Grove is here 2 helps you:

  • Find Concerts- We offer detailed information on time, location, musicians, ticket prices, concessions, and parking at concerts throughout the Southeast.
  • Play Your Favorites- Our webcasting feature lets you listen to thousands of artists from throughout the World. You can also follow individual artists, design playlists, and receive updates.
  • Follow the Latest Trends- Our site allows you to follow your friends, listen to their playlists, and see what songs they’re listening to at the moment. With D.H.G., you’ll never miss a music trend.